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  • Fouad Alasiri

    Fouad Alasiri

    Municipal councils in Saudi Arabia nowadays don’t have local authority, and municipalities run cities in a centralized system, yet that was not the case before the 1970s. This shift started in that decade for many reasons, most notably, the shift in socio-economic status. Central government started to rely heavily on oil financial resources rather than…

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  • Yizhao Du

    Yizhao Du

    Building Up a Cooperative Framework Engaging Secondary Cities Towards Sustainable Regions in China Promoter: Assoc. Prof. Roberto Rocco (Spatial Planning and Strategy) Supervisor: Asst. Prof. Rodrigo Viseu Cardoso (Spatial Planning and Strategy) The specific socio-economic system of China provides three key characteristics to its regionalisation process: 1) aiming for balanced regional development, 2) taking regional cooperation as…

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