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Social justice is undoubtedly one of the greatest challenges of our times, as rampant inequality erodes the fabric of our societies everywhere, undermining trust in governments and institutions, leading to violence and extremism and eating at the very core of democracy.

Growing inequality, socio-spatial fragmentation, and lack of access to public goods are threats to the sustainability of our cities, especially when sustainability is understood in its three fundamental dimensions (social, economic, and environmental. Social sustainability is underexplored in sustainability studies and the absence of this dimensions in most sustainability study programs means there is an enormous gap to be filled in sustainable urban development.

Women performing “A Rapist in Your Path” in Alameda Central, Mexico city, 2019
Photo by Wotancito. CC BY-SA 4.0, WIKIMEDIA COMMONS
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Skatepark welcomes youth of all ages and experience levels. Whether you’ve never been on a board before, or you can already do tricks, there’s a place for you and something to learn.

Master’s thesis

Skateboarding is a social sport! Come hang out and meet some new friends to cheer you on while you skate. We have a strict no-bullying policy and maintain a supportive environment.

British Feminist Geographer Doreen Massey

For Doreen Massey, the city is the space of simultaneous existence, and therefore it is the space where we must decide how we are going to live together. 

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